How the Ever Given got unstuck

The Washington Post illustrated how the Ever Given got stuck and was freed from the Suez Canal. Pulling, digging, and a high tide.

All I could think about was the children’s book Little Blue Truck, the story of a big construction truck that gets stuck in mud and is freed by a little blue truck and its animal friends.

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Make the Ever Given get stuck anywhere

The Ever Given got stuck in the Suez Canal. It was refloated. So now you can use this “ridiculous thing” by Garrett Dash Nelson to get the Ever Given stuck anywhere in the world. Show the ship to scale and click-and-drag the satellite imagery, and you get a pretty good idea of how big the thing is.

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Steer through the Suez Canal

To better understand the challenge of steering a giant container ship through the Suez Canal, CNN made an interactive that lets you do just that. Control the power and point a silhouette of the Ever Given in the right direction without crashing.

It is of course a simplification that doesn’t account for things like water depth and passing boats, but it does leave you wondering how giant ships don’t get stuck more often.

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