Based on poll, a lot of people think Bill Gates is plotting to inject a tracker via coronavirus vaccine?

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll recently showed this:

Only 40% of American adults are like, “No way. This is false.” But then there are 32% who are like, “Well… maybe? I don’t know.” Then there are over a quarter who are like, “Yeah, he’s trying to track us.”

Really? Please tell me there is some study that shows internet-based polls are crazy. My brain is having trouble processing these results.

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Possible vaccine timelines

It’d be great if we could conjure a vaccine or a “cure” seemingly out of nowhere just like in the movies. Unfortunately, there’s a necessary process involved to make sure that something works and that it is safe to distribute to billions of people. For New York Times Opinion, Stuart A. Thompson shows typical vaccine timelines, which can take decades, against hopeful coronavirus vaccine timelines.

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