Inflation in the context of age generations

When you compare the price of things today against prices one year ago, almost everything increased in cost at a rapid rate. While out of the ordinary, it’s definitely not the first time this happened. The New York Times zoomed out to show year-over-year price change since 1960, framing the timeline in the context of age generations.

Zoom into the data super close, and every blip can seem like a mountain. Zoom out for a better sense of scale.

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Age generations in the U.S. Senate, over time

With this straightforward unit chart, shows which generation each Senate member belonged to, from 1947 through 2021. Each rectangle represents a senator, and each column represents a cohort.

As time moves on, the generations inevitably shift. In 2021, we have the first Millennial senator in Jon Ossoff from Georgia.

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Looking for generational gaps in music

Inspired by the genre of YouTube videos where younger people listen to older music, The Pudding is running a project to find the generational music gaps. Enter your age, songs play, and you say if you know the song or not.

The aggregate results are shown as more people listen. For example, the above shows the percentage of people in a given age group who did not recognize the listed songs.

I’m looking forward to what they do with the finished dataset.

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