✚ Visualization Books for a Beginner – The Process 142

Welcome to issue #142 of The Process, the newsletter for FlowingData members about how the charts get made. I’m Nathan Yau, and this week I’m thinking about the books I’d recommend (and not recommend) to beginners who want to learn how to visualize data.

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Suite of data tools for beginners, focused on fun


Data can be intimidating and confusing for beginners, and as a result they stay away from the spreadsheets and delimited files altogether. DataBasic, a suite of tools built as an introduction to poking at data, injects a bit of fun into the onboarding process.

Spreadsheets and large Word documents can be boring and intimidating. We think working with data should be more fun! Take a look at our activity guides for hands-on approaches to analyzing your data using these tools. Activity guides combined with fun data sets like music lyrics can help you take a playful approach to finding stories in your data. Don't you want to know "what the fudge" is going on with your CSV file?

There are currently three straightforward tools: WordCounter, WTFcsv, and SameDiff. Super straightforward to upload your own data and straightforward results. It's certainly not an end-all set of tools, but that's not the point.

A bit more information in the video below:

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