Europe Expanded the “No Elsevier Deal” Zone & This Could Change Everything

      A couple of heavy-duty battering rams have hit the journal subscription system in Europe. And they are so big, this will likely set off a chain reaction that changes the scholarly communication

Building a Great Scientific Abstract: A Quick Checklist

      It should never be a rushed afterthought. An awful lot is riding on the quality of scientific abstracts. Most readers will rely on that summary, delving in no further. And a conference

An Author Rights Perspective on Scientific Editors

  By Hilda Bastian   What should scientific editors be able to do well? We would all be able to agree easily on some basics. Last year, a group led by David Moher and colleagues

A Reality Check on Author Access to Open Access Publishing

0000-0002-8715-2896     Technically, the “most journals don’t charge authors” statement could well be true. Most open access journals may not charge authors. The source that’s used to support the claim is generally DOAJ –

Principles, Open Access, & Everyday Choices

0000-0002-8715-2896   It’s not enough to mean well, is it? Principles matter, but so do the effects of acting on our strongly held beliefs. We need to keep re-visiting our values in considering the impact

Live Blogging #PeerRevWk17 Day 3: Innovations in Peer Review and Scientific Publishing

0000-0002-8715-2896   Over 500 science journal editors, publishers, and meta-researchers are gathered in Chicago for the 8th Peer Review Congress (#PRC8), a once-every-4-years researchfest about “enhancing the quality and credibility of science”. I’m live-blogging – you can catch

3 Things Expressions of Concern Reveal About the Research Publication System

0000-0002-8715-2896   An editorial expression of concern is a way to alert readers to behind-the-scenes worries about the integrity of a publication. It emerged in 1997, from the influential International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, but was

Is Lander’s revisionist CRISPR history sexist?

Explosive disagreements over the origins of CRISPR, the leading methodology for editing genes, were inevitable. CRISPR has given scientists (and journalists) dizzying dreams of a near-unlimited ability to manipulate the genomes of animals and plants,

Science and the Rise of the Co-Authors

Ensemble-930x1024  Leonhart Fuchs credited his illustrator collaborators in De Historia Stirpium, 1542 Physicists set a new record this year for number of co-authors: a 9-page report needed an extra 24 pages to list its 5,154 authors.

Thanks, no plans to help you get your impact factor on

Got this in the intertubes this morning. Sorry - not planning to submit there.

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