UEFA Euro 2020 matches visualized with triangle sets

Krisztina Szűcs used sets of animated triangles to show how each match played out. The triangles in the middle move up as each team scores, and the triangles on the side represent penalty kicks.

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Sheep herding movements from above

Aerial photographer Lior Patel followed a herd of sheep in Yokneam. The results are much more interesting than they sound. [via Colossal]

See also the work of Tim Whittaker who produced a video of the same ilk. I don’t know what to call it, but I am very much into this genre of calming sheep herding videos for the mind. Although I feel like herding up close must be kind of stressful.

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Transform an image into a pixel-ly visual

Here’s a fun interactive by Duc-Quang Nguyen. Upload an image and get back a transformed visual that uses dots, lines, or ascii. Use the menu options to easily change resolution, colors, and shapes.

It’s a combination of Georgios Karamanis’s code and Elana Levin Schtulberg’s experiment of the same ilk.

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Bird song sonographs show distinct drawing patterns

These sonographs of bird song, in contrast to the sounds from traditional instruments, show complex patterns on a base frequency.

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Generate a color analysis by uploading an image

Mel Dollison and Liza Daly made a fun interactive that lets you upload an image, and it spits out a vintage-looking color analysis a la Vanderpoel:

This generator is based on the works of Emily Noyes Vanderpoel (1842-1939), who hoped her original color analyses would inspire others to study “whatever originals may be at hand in books, shops, private houses, or museums.” We hope you are similarly inspired by her abstract, modernist style employed in the context of everyday objects and photos.

Originally conceived as a Twitter bot, you can find the Python code behind the project on GitHub.

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Bird flight patterns captured through long-exposure photography

For several years, Xavi Bou has been using long-exposure photography to capture stills of bird flight patterns. The project, Ornitographies, produced gloriously abstract images. There’s also a video (above) piece under the same premise.

Jessica McKenzie, reporting for Audubon:

More recently, Bou has expanded the project to video, including one called Murmurations that shows a flock of starlings evading a hawk. “What happens is, if in this moment a hawk appears to attack them, it’s when they do this dance,” he says. “The hawk is like carving this ephemeral sculpture that’s in the air.” As with the still images, Bou knit multiple series of photographs together to create an animation. He estimates that every day of filming requires two weeks of post-production work; for Murmurations, he also enlisted the help of a film editor. The final product, which was filmed in southern Catalonia, was then set to ethereal music.

The video deserves the full-screen treatment.

See also the swallows of essex by Dennis Hlynsky.

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Sonification of Covid-19 deaths

This is interesting:

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Snowflake generator

Vivian Wu made a snowflake generator. Adjust parameters such as growth, kaleidoscoping, and density, and you dear friend, can make yourself a unique snowflake of your very own.

I think I’ll just zone out and let the animation play out for a few minutes every day. Breathe in. Breathe out.

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Data Sketches, the book

Data Sketches was a one-year visualization collaboration between Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu that started in 2016. Each month they separately visualized a topic, and at the end of each month they’d have two very different pieces that were visually unique and showed different angles of the same thing.

They also documented their process and design decisions for every project, which provided another layer of depth to the work.

Now it’s a book and available for pre-order. Very cool.

(I’m trying to get over that this project started more than four years ago. Time has been moving slow these days, but also. Time. Passes. Fast.)

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