Based on poll, a lot of people think Bill Gates is plotting to inject a tracker via coronavirus vaccine?

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll recently showed this:

Only 40% of American adults are like, “No way. This is false.” But then there are 32% who are like, “Well… maybe? I don’t know.” Then there are over a quarter who are like, “Yeah, he’s trying to track us.”

Really? Please tell me there is some study that shows internet-based polls are crazy. My brain is having trouble processing these results.

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Anatomy of a Failed Joke

Well, I thought it was funny.


Get it? Yahoo thinks remote workers are inefficient, but just spent $1.1 billion on a blogging site whose content is entirely generated by remote users.

On the up side, the odds that I will have to continue feeling guilty for not using my Tumblr site are pretty low.

*I also made a joke about the Battle of Zama and Scipio Africanus based on a BoingBoing HOWTO post. That one went about as well as expected.