Wanna know somefing?

From Reddit user wequiock_falls, “What I’m about to learn about after my kid says, ‘Wanna know somefing?’ Data collected over the course of 7 days.”

Sounds about right.

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✚ Moratorium On Bar Chart Races; When Impractical Visualization is More Practical (The Process #68)

The dataisbeautiful subreddit announced a moratorium on the ever popular bar chart race. The frequency of submissions that used the method got out of hand and spam made it all the less savory. Still, the method holds value. Read More

✚ Reddit Follow-up; Chart Like Nobody’s Looking (The Process #57)

Consider your audience. Yes. But at some point in the visualization creation process, you have to disregard all of the feature requests and design suggestions. Read More

✚ That Time My Chart Was on the Reddit Front Page and Everyone Hated It (The Process #56)

Something I made was on the front page of Reddit. Cool. The problem: thousands of people downvoted it. Here's what I learned. Read More

Celebrity name spelling test

Colin Morris culled common misspellings on Reddit and made the data available on GitHub. For The Pudding, Russell Goldenberg and Matt Daniels took it a step further so that you too can see how bad you are at spelling celebrity names.

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Looking for common misspellings

Some words are harder to spell than others, and on the internet, sometimes people indicate the difficulty by following their uncertainty with “(sp?)”. Colin Morris collected all the words in reddit threads with this uncertainty. Download the data on GitHub.

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Growth of Subreddits

As of September 2018, there were 892 million comments for the year so far, spread out over 355,939 subreddits. Here's how it got to this point, and "what the internet has been talking about" during the past 12 years. Read More

PLOS iGEM 2017 Collection – report

PLOS and the iGEM Foundation are pleased to announce the initial launch of the iGEM 2017 Collection. This initial release includes 10 papers submitted as preprints to bioRxiv; additional submissions will be added as they

Redditscience AMA “Longitudinal influence of alcohol and marijuana use on academic performance in college students”

0000-0002-8715-28960000-0002-8715-2896 Here we share a timely PLOS Science Wednesday discussion of relevance to the PLOS Neuro Community from our weekly PLOS Science Wednesday AMAs with PLOS-published researchers. An introduction by featured PLOS ONE authors — Shashwath Meda and

A story of humanity in the pixels of a Reddit April Fool’s experiment

On April Fool’s Day, Reddit launched a blank canvas that users could add a colored pixel every few minutes. It ran for 72 hours, and the evolution of the space as a whole was awesome.

What if you look more closely at the individual images, edits, and battles for territory? Even more interesting. sudoscript looks closer, breaking participants into three groups — the creators, protectors, and destroyers — who fight for the ideal Place. In the process, among the Dickbutt variations, penis jokes, and Pokémon characters, it’s a story of humanity. [via Moritz]

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