The evolution of giants

dinobestSource: The evolution of giants Sauropod dinosaurs are some of the most notoriously recognisable animals. With their whiplash tails, and long searching necks, they are the biggest terrestrial vertebrates ever to walk the Earth. One

What a pain in the…arms! A record-breaking number of injuries in a theropod dinosaur

journal.pone_.0004591.g007-690x320Ouch! That word came to mind a lot while reading a new paper published today in PLOS ONE. In the new paper, authors Phil Senter from Fayetteville State University and Sara Juengst from Appalachian State

Snakes in a Burrow: Fossil Rattles Origin of Snakes

Last week, paleontologists published a study in the journal Science Advances revealing a possible habitat origin for modern snakes. This study was based on an exciting morphological discovery in a fossil snake that could help

Lungfishes Are Not Airheads!

2015-03-17-09.10.10-2-300x300It’s November, a month to ruminate on all of the things we are thankful for while we ruminate copious amounts of food (at least in the United States). I’ve been contemplating all of the things