Coop’s Scoop: Genetic literacy and citizen science for reading DNA

Not all societies have a written language, but that doesn’t stop discoveries. Even without reading and writing, indigenous peoples have acquired knowledge about the natural world. In addition, many non-literate communities engage in scientific activities,

More on gene editing rules, CRISPR in humans and dogs, bioethics & breakthroughs

THE HUMAN GENE EDITING SUMMIT, CONT’D Citizens seeking to understand what was decided at last week’s Human Gene Editing Summit might be understandably confused by the contradictions in these headlines: Scientific community approves human gene

#SFN15 Recap: Dr. Beth Stevens and the Amazing Multi-functional Microglia

microglia-690x320Dr. Beth Stevens. Credit: John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. We all know that microglia respond to damage, clear up pathogens, toxic proteins and debris. However, Dr. Beth Stevens wants you to know that