Revising Your First Scientific Manuscript

0000-0003-1823-8642   By Michael Hsieh   “Dear Author”. That email salutation, and minor variations, still gives me a jolt of adrenaline and trepidation. I’ve been publishing scientific papers for almost three decades, but I frantically

Happy Fins: Plesiosaurs Flapped like Penguins

plesiosaur_striking-crop-690x320One of the most infuriating things about being a paleontologist is being able to study some of the coolest organisms that have ever inhabited the Earth, yet never being able to see one in life.

How long can humans survive without food or water?

Rita Chretien, a Canadian woman survived being stranded inside a vehicle in Nevada for 48 days, by eating only some trail mix and candy, and drinking water from a stream.  Apparently, she and her husband

CokeGate – Big Soda’s deep pockets reach further than we think

Alexandra Jones is a lawyer, working on food policy with The George Institute for Global Health. She is interested in how law can be used to create conditions for people to live healthier lives, particularly in the field of non-communicable … Continue reading »

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