Author Interview: Kimi Chapelle & Massospondylus Skull Anatomy

0000-0002-8715-2896 I’m a huge anatomy geek, and love papers that figure and describe the nooks and crannies of skulls. The increasingly widespread use of digital scans, coupled with the unfettering of page and color limitations

New fossil croc on the block

Sarcosuchus-1A-cNicholls2015-300x201Crocodiles are freakin’ amazing animals. They’ve been around for about 250 million years, and throughout this time have survived two mass extinctions, and at least twice decided to hitch up and take to the seas.

Author Interview: Justin Adams on a New Digital Fossil Archive (Part 2)

baboon-495x320False-color image of the fossil baboon Papio angusticeps, from Adams et al. 2015. CC-BY. Yesterday, we started an interview with Justin Adams, senior author on a recent PLOS ONE paper discussing a newly available set of 3D

The Curse of the Horned Dinosaur Egg

Horned dinosaurs (ceratopsians) just can’t catch a break when it comes to their fossilized eggs. The first purported examples turned up in Mongolia during the 1920s, attributed to Protoceratops. A few unlucky “Protoceratops” eggs were fossilized next to the jaws of another dinosaur (Oviraptor, which … Continue reading »

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Sharing Paleodata (Part 4): MorphoSource

Today I continue my series highlighting repositories for paleontological raw data. Previous posts in this series can be found here, here, and here.   MORPHOSOURCE ( MorphoSource is a data repository for 3D data – raw CT and microCT data, but … Continue reading »

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A digital head for Acanthostega

What has 16 fingers and a digital skull? Acanthostega, that’s what! Acanthostega was one of the first limbed (rather than strictly “finned”) vertebrates, living around 365 million years ago in the shallow waters of modern day Greenland. Imagine something that looked roughly like … Continue reading »

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