The Sickness Lurking Beneath World Cup Fever

  The Sickness Lurking Beneath World Cup Fever Posted August 16, 2018 by Dean Schillinger post-info While watching the World Cup, Dean Schillinger was reminded of the ongoing back-and-forth matchup between the soda industry and public

Just what is ‘civil society’?

  How does civil society ‘look and feel’ in the context of noncommunicable disease prevention and treatment? I mused on this last week but realised I didn’t know much about the concept of civil society

Using tech to fight the good fight

  Prior to arriving in New York for a new job (with my big dreams, oversized suitcase, and a friend’s couch to sleep on), I had a conversation with a woman I was connected to

Change starts at the bottom of the food chain

  Earlier this week, over ‘600 of the brightest minds from science, politics, business, and civil society from over 50 countries gathered at the fifth EAT Stockholm Food Forum for two days of knowledge sharing

Gender and NCDs: Benign neglect in the face of a gaping window of opportunity

  NCDs are finally having their moment. Diabetes is very much in the public eye from Dhaka to Dakar, the global ‘epidemic’ of obesity is currently the subject of numerous television shows, the row over

Deceptive marketing sweet talks parents

  ‘99% fruit and veg’. It has to be healthy, doesn’t it? Not necessarily.   More and more processed products are coming on to supermarket shelves developed specifically for children. Most are designed and marketed

A Note on Taxing Sugary Drinks in the UAE

0000-0002-8715-2896 Sugary carbonated drinks, energy drinks, and other similar products are fueling the obesity and diabetes epidemic. With the World Health Organization estimating that more than 1.9 billion adults (39%) are overweight, and 650 million

Week 1 of the PLOS Medicine Special Issue on Cardiovascular Disease and Multimorbidity

0000-0002-8715-2896 Week 1 of the PLOS Medicine Special Issue on Cardiovascular Disease and Multimorbidity   post-info Senior Editor Amy Ross discusses the content published in week 1 of the PLOS Medicine Special Issue on CVD

2-24-16 PLOS Medicine AMA Preview: Looking toward the future of diabetes prevention with Dr. Sanjay Basu

Blood-Drop-2-690x320AddThis Sharing Buttons above In advance his PLOS Science Wednesday AMA, Sanjay Basu, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Stanford University Prevention Research Center, answers questions from PLOS Social Media Associate Sara Kassabian. The burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

The Enduring Need for Cancer Treatment

INFOGRAFIC_twitter-slice_aim-burden-640x320Danielle Rodin is a Radiation Oncology Resident at the University of Toronto and co-founded the group GlobalRT, which is a group of young professionals dedicated to improving the availability and accessibility of radiation therapy resources