Synthetic Biology from an editor’s perspective: Interview with Ross Cloney   If you submit you synthetic biology paper to Nature Communications, Ross Cloney is the person that will handle your case. After obtaining his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Sussex and

A new synbio initiative: interview with the Synbio Canada steering committee Canada is known for several things: cold weather, Niagara Falls, kind residents, maple syrup… but a new initiative, SynBio Canada, aims to make the country a reference point in Synthetic Biology. Canada is strong

Augmented Intelligence in Healthcare: Interview with Arthur Papier

Augmented Intelligence in Healthcare: Interview with Arthur Papier   post-info The potential of using machine learning techniques in medicine is immense. As electronic health records have become widely available, there is hope that machine learning

Stepping Out: New Ornithomimosaur from Arkansas Described

0000-0002-8715-2896Holotype cast of Arkansaurus fridayi, pictured in front of the Broadway Bridge, Little Rock, Arkansas. Image courtesy R. Hunt-Foster, used with permission. Last week, a new species of dinosaur was described in the Journal of

Author Interview: Kimi Chapelle & Massospondylus Skull Anatomy

0000-0002-8715-2896 I’m a huge anatomy geek, and love papers that figure and describe the nooks and crannies of skulls. The increasingly widespread use of digital scans, coupled with the unfettering of page and color limitations

Synthetic Biology: Step by Step Towards its Democratization

0000-0002-8715-2896 An interview with Julie Legault: Founder and CEO or Amino Labs Inc.   As an enthusiast and synthetic biology practitioner, what attracts me most of our field is how fast is spreading and how

Directed evolution in synthetic biology: an interview with Professor Frances Arnold

  At the beginning of my scientific career, I was captivated by the ability of organic chemists to synthesize molecules.  I soon realised, however, that the effort involved was often incredible, especially when you wanted

Author Interview: Kelsey Stilson on Gnarly Rhino Bones

Black rhinoceros. Image by Vassil, public domain. Rhinos are an amazing group of animals, and have a rich fossil history, too. During the past 40 million years, they have transformed from fairly small ancestral forms

Featured Paleoartist: Studiospectre’s Stephen R. Moore

IMG_0196Speaking on behalf of Andy, Jon, and myself, we are always striving to make the PLOS Paleo Community a useful venue for our readers (and you can help us even more by taking the PLOS

Organisms or Machines?

By Aakriti Jain Dr. Dan Nicholson is first a scientist, a molecular biologist. However, unlike most researchers in the constantly changing and expanding field of biology, Dan questions the very directions fields like synthetic biology