Amount of fish to raise a big fish

Raising living things requires resources. In the case of fish, it requires more fish so that another can grow larger. Artists Chow and Lin calculated how much. The surrounding small fish are required to grow the three yellow carp in the middle. [via kottke]

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Revising Your First Scientific Manuscript

0000-0003-1823-8642   By Michael Hsieh   “Dear Author”. That email salutation, and minor variations, still gives me a jolt of adrenaline and trepidation. I’ve been publishing scientific papers for almost three decades, but I frantically

Invasive Lionfish Feast on Unknown Fish Species

0000-0002-8715-2896Lionfish. Photo: Michael Gäbler, via Wikimedia Commons. Distributed under a CC BY 3.0 license. Invasive lionfish in the Caribbean Sea are preying on fish species that scientists have not even described yet. Researchers from the

Reflections on OpenCon 2016

537A9427-690x3200000-0002-8715-2896Source: Reflections on OpenCon 2016 When checking in to the third annual OpenCon Conference, every individual is given the customary conference badge indicating name, institution, and Twitter handle. But, unlike other conferences, there is a

Guest Post – Addressing misinformation about Zika in Brazil | Sci-Ed

24500404604_607a861d83_zAddThis Sharing Buttons above PLOS Blogs has a new face, and Sci-Ed comes back with a new team. To kick things off after a long hiatus, we have guest Dr. Silvana Russo talking about the

What if we could record and rewind our thoughts? Neurotechnology and the foreseeable future, by Aaron Sathyanesan

brainBy Aaron Sathyanesan Scientific discoveries that involve humans interfacing with machines can evoke reactions of fear and wonder. Quite often, these feelings are epitomized through works of science fiction. Think Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein,” for starters;

Gone Fishin’ in the Cretaceous: A New Species of Acanthomorph from Canada

fishFiguring out fish relationships is no small feat. From Near et al. 2013) For being one of the largest groups of vertebrates, and having one of the richer fossil records among organisms, the relationships of

Featured Paleoartist: Studiospectre’s Stephen R. Moore

IMG_0196Speaking on behalf of Andy, Jon, and myself, we are always striving to make the PLOS Paleo Community a useful venue for our readers (and you can help us even more by taking the PLOS

Happy Fins: Plesiosaurs Flapped like Penguins

plesiosaur_striking-crop-690x320One of the most infuriating things about being a paleontologist is being able to study some of the coolest organisms that have ever inhabited the Earth, yet never being able to see one in life.

RESPONDING TO CLIMATE CHANGE: Wind farms: Why their carbon footprints matter as much as their locations

windmillsBy Robert Wilson Seasonal and daily patterns of electricity consumption follow almost identical forms everywhere. Demand is low in the middle of the night when the bulk of humanity is sleeping and it peaks either