NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission Drops in on Death Valley


Flight tests of the Mars 2020 Lander Vision System, which will help guide NASA's next Mars mission to a safe touchdown on the Red Planet, are taking place in the California desert.

Have you tried BLAST+ (2.9.0) and version 5 BLAST databases (dbV5)?

We recently updated the version 5 BLAST protein databases, (dbV5), on our FTP site to be completely accession-based.  As we described in a previous post, this means they now contain the gi-less proteins from the  NCBI Pathogen Project and other … Continue reading

Rise of the summer sequel

For The New York Times, Keith Collins shows the growing popularity of summer sequels among the big movie studios. If there is money to be made, they will come.

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Forensics Friday: Just how many bands are duplicated in this image?

Ever wanted to hone your skills as a scientific sleuth? Now’s your chance. Thanks to the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB), which is committed to educating authors on best practices in publishing, figure preparation, and reproducibility, we’re presenting the third in a series, Forensics Friday. Take a look at the image below, and then take our … Continue reading Forensics Friday: Just how many bands are duplicated in this image?

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Comet Provides New Clues to Origins of Earth’s Oceans

Illustration of a comet, ice grains and Earth's oceans

New observations reveal that water in comets and Earth's oceans may share common composition, suggesting more comets than previously thought could have delivered water to Earth.

NASA’s Mars 2020 Gets a Dose of Space Here on Earth

The completed spacecraft that will carry the Mars 2020 rover to the Red Planet

NASA's Mars 2020 spacecraft has completed tests that are the best Earthly approximations what the spacecraft will endure duriAV ng launch and interplanetary cruise.

✚ Setting Visualization Expectations to Avoid Audience Confusion (The Process #41)

People misinterpret charts all of the time, because they go in with the wrong expectations before they even fully interpret what a chart is about. Read More

Counting and illustrating Game of Thrones deaths

Shelly Tan, for The Washington Post, has been counting on-screen deaths in Game of Thrones over the past few years. As the season ended, Tan described her process in an entertaining Twitter thread:

I kept thinking about how her process transfers to counting all things. You know, like the decennial Census. The hand-wavy process always seems so straightforward. It’s like, sure, it’ll take a while, but the challenge is just time. But then you get into it, and there’s all these small bumps along the way that make everything more complicated. And then you’re like, great, well, I’ve already come this far. Better keep on counting.

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Hashtag SciComm: How Social Media Platforms Are Shaping the Future of Science

By Efraín E. Rivera-Serrano 0000-0003-1823-8642 Early in school, we are introduced to the scientific method as a stepwise process of experimentation used to answer questions that have not been previously answered. Beyond the self-evident goal

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